YoMix – reliable tumbler for ensuring transaction anonymity 

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If you withdraw Bitcoins without mixing, your anonymity is at risk. For this reason, it is essential to choose a reliable Bitcoin mixer, which generates transactions in a random order and thus makes it impossible to establish a connection between your personal information and your nickname. So, what service to choose? 

Why is Bitcoin so popular? 

Today, the digital currency has ceased being exotic and firmly entered many areas of people’s lives. It is highly regarded for its independence, less exposure to exchange rate fluctuations, and demonstrated prospects for growth. Currently, Bitcoin is absolutely rightly classified as one of the most popular and reliable financial instruments. The only disadvantage of BTC is its conditional anonymity since, if desired, any operations performed by the owner of Bitcoins can be tracked quite easily.

If you are not satisfied with the possibility that transactions with digital money could become known to outsiders at any time, you must take care of effective and high-quality cleaning of coins. It means performing actions to break any connection between the address and transactions. Today, it is possible with the help of special services – Bitcoin mixers, which use innovative algorithms that ensure privacy.

The benefits of the YoMix tumbler 

YouMix is an excellent Bitcoin tumbler that is highly rated by users for the level of service it provides and its confidentiality. The YoMix offers the following benefits for its users: 

  • open-source;
  • easy to understand web interface;
  • an impressive personal reserve of the site from previously cleared coins;
  • Bitcoin mixing occurs in minutes;
  • deleting the participant log;
  • guaranteed anonymity;
  • only one confirmation is needed to start the operation;
  • technical support 24/7;
  • application of efficient mixing algorithms.

Three mixing options are available for clients of this blender: with coins received from other participants, with funds from the reserve fund of the site itself, or with investors’ cryptocurrency.

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